Swimming Lessons Singapore

Swimming lessonsSwimming lessons in singapore is available to people of all ages. It is arguably, the most popular of all fitness activities. The primary purpose of learning to swim is to make oneself at least reasonably secure when in or near the water. For this reason alone, everyone should learn to swim. Age does not appear to be a limiting factor to learning as children have been known to swim before they can walk and older folks use the water for its recreational and therapeutic values. Swimming not only improves the strength and endurance of the child but also improves its coordination and sense of balance. It also helps in building a healthy lifestyle, shaping up the body and also prevents illnesses such as asthma. Moreover, it could also help people overcome their phobia of water if it exists. Swimming can also be a relaxing hobby where one can chill along the pool side after a long day at work or school. There are many swimming styles and they are all are listed in the Olympics. They are: Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke and Butterfly. Every style has its own characteristics and difficulties. Not many people would be able to master it without proper guidance.

There is no other truly lifetime sport than swimming. Babies are born a natural affinity for water and its womb-like feeling of security. Almost immediately there are opportunities for kids to maintain an acquaintance. Usually most parents want to give swimming lessons to their children as early as possible in order to let them overcome their fear of drowning. The objective is to introduce them to the water and make them feel at ease in the water, over time, they will feel safe within the water. Between 6 to 16 years old, as the body of the child progresses, the practice of swimming or disciplines also increases, enabling the child to better understand his body and especially to have fun and to relax! Depending on your preferred choice, we have both private swimming lessons and group swimming lessons for adults. Whatever your age is, you will undoubtedly find a swimming lesson suitable for yourself!


The benefits of swimming are numerous, significant, and undeniable. Swimming can be beneficial to people across a broad range of ages and abilities: the very young to the very old, the very slow to the very fast, those with injuries or degenerative conditions, pregnant women and beginner to serious athletes. Swimming positively affects many aspects of life, including physical, mental and emotional well-being.  Swimming is widely recognized by health and fitness professionals as a nearly perfect activity to improve aerobic fitness, flexibility, body strength, muscle tone, and coordination. Swimming lessons allow one to gain more confidence and they are able to feel the sense of relaxation when they are learning in a group. Group swimming lessons provide a great social channel as it allows the children to interact and assist each other where necessary. They can also improve their swimming by challenging each other such as holding their breath for the longest time in the water or swimming the fastest in a lap. Young children love to be in the water or near the water and teaching them to swim is essential. Knowing how to swim and be comfortable in the water is our first goal.

Certified Instructors

In Swim Concierge, we have qualified and trained swimming coaches, swimming trainers and swimming instructors who achieved different certificates and skills acquired to deal with different kinds of situations. The instructors have more than 7 years of coaching experience with some of the local swimming schools, providing toddler, kids and adult swimming lessons in Singapore. Most of them have attained the lifeguard certification which is essential to handle circumstances that accidents may occur in the pool. By having a certification at the Bronze, Silver or even the Gold level, career prospects would also be available for the child, as the child would then be able to choose being a lifeguard and assist in saving lives much easier as compared to a person who has not had any certification.

Getting Equipped

Of all the things you might want for swimming pleasure, your suit is the most important. When learning swimming, it is important to have these items with you; swimsuit, goggles and swim cap. For the comfort of a swimmer, this will be important. If you are going to swim laps, the key is to wear a suit that is comfortable, yet snugly fits your body, leaving no fabric loose to flap around in the water.  Goggles maintain a small pocket of air directly in front of the eye and hold a transparent lens that allows near-normal vision. They also protect the swimmer’s eyeballs from the discomfort of prolonged exposure to chlorine. For any person whose hair is more than a few inches long, a proper swimming cap is necessary. Caps can serve many purposes, including keeping hair out of your eyes, nose and mouth, affording less water resistance than hair, keeping your hair from absorbing too much chlorine and allow coordinating with your swimming ensemble.